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Justin Larkin


Preaching Minister of Northeast Christian Church

Follower of Christ, Husband, Dad, Minister, Multiple Chihuahua Owner, Coniseur of Green Tea, Lover of Will Ferrell Movies, Stealer of Quotes (I stole that one from my wife), Professional Blogger Who Makes Repeated Mistakes, and Finally an Ultimate Fighter at Heart

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Title Description
A Way Out
Bad Advice

Christian Atheist

Church Defined

There are a lot of words that can describe the church. But how do you define the church? This series takes an in depth look at how God has defined His church and how we can better live out that definition.


Death Arrested
Ezra - Rebuilding The Temple
Gift or God
God Never Said That

Haggai - Theology of Priorities
He Came

Rediscover the simple truth of Christmas. Discover the reason why "He Came."


How To Eat An Elephant
I Love My Church
I Quit

Impossible God
In God We Trust


It's All About Jesus

It's easy to lose focus and think that it's all about us. This series reminds us of the simple truth that it truly is all about Jesus.

James - Faith That Works

A study of Galatians.

Modern Family
Monsters Under The Bed
More Than Enough - A Study Through Colossians
No Ragrets
Not A Fan


Life can be full of pain sometimes. What do you do when life is really hard? How do you heal from hurt? This series will teach us Biblical ways to overcome the pain of loss and the pain of suffering and the pain of rejection.


Positive: Staying Positive in a Negative World

Do we really understand the demands of the Gospel? We go deeper in this challenging series to truly understand what the Gospel demands of a Christ Follower and find that some might call it Radical. This six week series is accompanied by Core Group Material.


Serve - Live and Love Like Jesus
Sin In The Camp

Socks and Underwear
Summer School - The Book Of Proverbs
The Christmas Survival Guide

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The Devil Doesn't Want You To Know
The Gift

The Meaningless Sermon Series
The Third
Things God Can't Do
Twas The Night Before Christmas
Unexpected Jesus - Easter 2017

Teachings From The Book Of Proverbs

Watch Your Mouth
What Makes You Happy
Will Power

You Only Live Once
You're Not Alone